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There are thousands of people and families who have supported Huntsville Hospital over the years. They deserve your thanks – and our unending gratitude for making this community a better place to live, work and visit thanks to outstanding healthcare. Here they are – in alphabetical order, updated monthly. If you’re a donor and your name is not here, please contact us.

Donor Recognition

Thank you to all who have given in the past. The health of our community and our hospital is your legacy.

John & Helmy Aben
Norma Anderson
Martin & Ginger Barkey
Aben Graphics Ltd.
William Anderson
Donald & Frances Barnes
Acheson Family Foundation
Andrew Daniels Fish Stewardship Fdn
Baysville Lions Club
John Adam
Mark Andrews
Patricia Beal
Kristin Adams
Tom Anselmi & Sharon Mey
Alberta Beaman
S. Elwood & Yvonne Addison
Barbara Armour
Roger & Dana Beaman
Dr. Andrew & Debbie Albert
Murray & Lynda Arnold
Anne Beatty
Peter & Renate Alexander
Georgia Atkinson
William & Nadine Beatty
Algonquin Family Health Team
Keith & Marion Austin
Colette Beaupre
Robert Alldred-Hughes
Robert & Candee Backus
Dr. Don & Jean Beauprie
Donna Allen
Carol & Nick Bailey
Dannette Beechinor
Garry Allen
Ron & Cathi Baker
Brian & Ann Bell
James & Jessie Allen
Shane & Lynda Baker
Elizabeth Bell
Marie Allen
Kenneth & Elizabeth Ball
Miriam Bell
Randy & Barbara Ambrosie
Thomas & June Banks
Brian & Kim Bendall
Bob & Gloria Andersen
Gord & Fran Bantten
Arvina Bennett
Iona Anderson
Wendi Barker
Bruce & Joyce Bennett

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