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There are thousands of people and families who have supported Huntsville Hospital over the years. They deserve your thanks – and our unending gratitude for making this community a better place to live, work and visit thanks to outstanding healthcare. Here they are – in alphabetical order, updated monthly. If you’re a donor and your name is not here, please contact us.

Donor Recognition

Thank you to all who have given in the past. The health of our community and our hospital is your legacy.

Ambrose & Marjorie Adam
Rick & Jane Baxter
Bill & Karen Coe
John Adam
Dannette Beechinor
Ron & Fran Coleman
Robert & Linda Ahrens
Elliott Black
Anne Collins
Mary Aitchison
Daniel Blakelock
Scott & Kirsten Conner
Neil & Helen Aitchison
Gouldie Blakelock
Carl & Sandra Corbett
Glen & Vivian Alexander
Craig & Patricia Boon
Valerie Corbett
Algonquin Maple Producers Association
Richard & Gwen Bremner
Paul & Karen Cowden
Howard & Jill Allder
Keith Brown
William & Sharon Crockford
Robert Alldred-Hughes
Constantine & Natalie Bubela
June Crooks
Bob & Gloria Andersen
Pasquale & Maria Campanella
Anne Cumming
Glendon & Helen Andrews
Remo & Rosemarie Campitelli
Gary & Stacey Dam
Victor & Kathleen Armstrong
Roger & Jana Carr
Margaret Davies
Jonathan Arnold
Arva Cawley
John & Debi Davis
Coleman & Norma Arnold Jr
Kenneth & Donna Chalmers
Danielle Drolet
Charles Lamon & Phyllis Avard
Noreen Chan
Susan Ebbs
Jeffrey & Helena Axler
Andy Chiniborch
Cliff & Mary Edmonstone
Shane & Lynda Baker
Mary Clarke
Jef Ekins

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