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There are thousands of people and families who have supported Huntsville Hospital over the years. They deserve your thanks – and our unending gratitude for making this community a better place to live, work and visit thanks to outstanding healthcare. Here they are – in alphabetical order, updated monthly. If you’re a donor and your name is not here, please contact us.

Donor Recognition

Thank you to all who have given in the past. The health of our community and our hospital is your legacy.

Bob & Gloria Andersen
Antonio Capotosto
George & Diane Hill
Tarja Backstrom
Judith Clapp
Huntsville Jr. C Otters
Kerry & Kym Bice
Anne Collins
David & Lauralea James
Doug & Lynn Biggar
Dave & Tricia Coutts
Mr. Edward Janke
Dr. Karen Binkley
Anne Cumming
Mark & Maggie Janke
Elliott Black
William & Margaret Cyr
Robert Just & Patricia Lewis
Gouldie Blakelock
John & Debi Davis
Sandy Kelso - Jennings
Glenn & Shirley Boon
Paul & Rochelle Dennis
Douglas & June Kincaid
Craig & Patricia Boon
Pat & Daphne Dube
Dr. Royce W. Knight
Donald & Marjorie Boucher
Joan Dunn
Ken & Barbara Koehler
Roger & Libby Boucher
Susan Ebbs
Carl & Eunice MacCormack
Mozza Brewer
Jim Feren & Sharon Stock Feren
Andrew MacDonald & Meghan Irvine
James & Evelyn Brown
Rev. William and Joan Finney
Andrew & Carolyn MacKay
Merrilu Brown
Rick & Mary Flavelle
Roy & Heather MacKay
Nancy Callacott
Janet Garden
Ann MacKenzie
William & Sandra Calvert
Doug & Barbara Golding
Dr. Gary & Susan Magee
Remo & Rosemarie Campitelli
John Hall & Valerie Corbett
Robert & Shirley Marshall

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