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There are thousands of people and families who have supported Huntsville Hospital over the years. They deserve your thanks – and our unending gratitude for making this community a better place to live, work and visit thanks to outstanding healthcare. Here they are – in alphabetical order, updated monthly. If you’re a donor and your name is not here, please contact us.

Donor Recognition

Thank you to all who have given in the past. The health of our community and our hospital is your legacy.  Thank you to the donors below are for your donation last month.

Elmira Stove Works
George & Diane Hill
Kevin & Angela Kujala
Mark & Patricia Faircloth
Daniel & Bernadette Hockley
Bill & Susan Lang
Harold & Susan Featherston
Judi Hodge
Maurice Leblond
Fernwood Foundation
Bryan & Mary Ellen Hope
Pam Leeder
Michelle Field
Kara House
David & Laurie Lima
Rick & Mary Flavelle
Hutcheson Reynolds & Caswell
Kyle Litchfield
Mary Jane Fletcher
Mark & Maggie Janke
Lucy Myers Events
Penny Ann Forth
Jason Armstrong's Huntsville Honda
Louis & Helen Luvison
Dino & Bessie Georgas
Jll Canada
Andrew MacDonald & Meghan Irvine
Jason Glass
Edward & Shari Joiner
Bruce MacDonald & Irene Stoehr
Ronald Godfrey
Todd & Leslie Jones
Roy & Heather MacKay
Doug & Barbara Golding
Robert Just & Patricia Lewis
Dr. Gary & Susan Magee
Gary Gould
Kimberly Clark Inc
Main Street Dental
Jeff Graham
Dr. Royce W. Knight
Gerri Mar
Kathy Green
Krismark Holdings ULC
Larry Marshall
John Hall & Valerie Corbett
Jonathan Kromhoff
Robert & Shirley Marshall
Paul Hall
Trish Kruusmagi & Jason Kruusmagi
David & Myrna Mason

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