Planned Giving

Befriend Tomorrow with your Bequest Today.

What does it mean to ‘befriend tomorrow’ in a healthcare philanthropy context? Using a variety of legal tools and sound planning, it means you guarantee future funding for your local hospital here in Huntsville. It means you promise your children and their children the same access to advanced healthcare that you enjoy. It means you look beyond today to inspire others with your commitment to a bright tomorrow.

Planned Giving and a gift of assets in your estate declares you as a Huntsville Hospital Foundation Friend of Tomorrow. And that means the world to everyone who lives and visits here.

Planned Giving Flexibility

There are many ways to leave a Planned Gift to Huntsville Hospital Foundation. Discuss what works best for you with your lawyer and your Foundation team will provide support when and where required.

To explore the tax implications of your gift, try out our TAX SAVINGS TOOL below.

Gifts Through a Will

Gifts of Life Insurance

Gifts of Securities

Gifts of Charitable Life Annuities

Gifts of Charitable Remainder Trusts

Gifts of Real Estate

Gifts of RRSP or RRIF Accumulations

Gifts of Endowment Funds