Bruce MacLelland, Lake of Bays

Portrait of Bruce McLelland leaning up against a building outside

Bruce MacLelland and family have been fortunate in life and in business, and they share a deep affinity for the Huntsville / Lake of Bays area. Like many, this has become his forever home after a long career in Toronto, and he sees many others like him moving here. Healthcare is critical to a changing, aging population – having the right equipment to monitor health and provide treatment is central to that truth. So Bruce and family donated a Bone Densitometer to the hospital – a gift of $115,000 over several years.

Bone densitometers are used primarily to detect osteoporosis and related diseases in which the bone’s mineral and density are low and the risk of fractures is increased. Both issues are more frequent in an aging population – in Bruce’s family tree as well – and that’s the trigger that inspired Bruce to focus his gift on a specific and much needed piece of equipment.