Waves of change – the connection between Elizabeth Rice, Doppler and supporting Huntsville Hospital

Liz sitting on a bench outside with a laptop computer

Elizabeth Rice took over the family business when she was just 26 years old after her dad passed away in 1991. Of course, the ‘family business’ was better known as The Huntsville Forester, and there were big shoes to fill as publisher, chief cook and bottle washer.

“Many years later, it came to the point that I’d either have to invest heavily in technology to keep up with the changing face of publishing a local newspaper or sell it,” remembers Liz.

The price of that technology and the uncertainty of change in print media made up her mind for her, and she sold The Forester to Metroland Media in 2005. It was the right call – but a few years later, with a local team around her, Liz was back in the news business as a founder in Doppler – Huntsville’s online news community.

“I got back in because I was frustrated with local news coverage – not the people writing it, but how small the news hole is. I wanted to capture the vibrancy of this community, and I wanted to do it in a timely fashion. Doppler is the right medium for doing that.”

Change and technology sum up much of Liz’s story when it comes to supporting Huntsville Hospital, too.

“In 2002, I helped raise $20,000 locally for new mammography technology. That technology has been replaced once already, and the pace of advancement in healthcare technology is even faster now. We don’t have the choice I had with the paper – to stay in the business or sell and move on. Keeping our healthcare technology current is an ongoing necessity in this community – and that’s a big part of why I give.”

Liz understands that while the province does a lot with our healthcare tax dollars, it’s up to the community to raise funds for the technology our professionals depend on.

“Our practitioners care about their roles and this community – it’s far more than an OHIP billing exercise. Everyone is in this together including our medical professionals. It’s far more personal here. When you need help, they step up. Donating to healthcare in Huntsville is a no-brainer. It’s just the right thing to if you can.”