A Hospital and Local Healthcare

A hospitable story about a hospital and local healthcare.  

Luke Nixon-Janssen has been in the hospitality business across Canada for years. Now he plies his craft at Deerhurst Resort and while working there was the big draw for he and wife Julie (and little baby Jacob), it was access to local healthcare that sealed the deal.  That’s because Luke lives with a unique challenge.

“I was diagnosed with a brain aneurism when I was 32,” 
says Luke. “It can be fatal if not managed. I need regular access to CT scans—I need to know the care here is as good as anything I’ll find in a big city.”

Luke learned the truth of that after he had a gall bladder attack.  “I had to drive myself to the hospital—that only took a few minutes. That’s easy access. I had the surgery within three weeks. That’s fast. And when there was a complication, my surgeon was at my side at 9:30 at night. That’s amazing. Health care is a partnership here—between the patient and outstanding healthcare professionals.”  Luke’s story clearly, and with some poignancy, summarizes the importance of ensuring our hospital professionals have the right technology and tools to provide great care.