Dr. Jennifer Macmillan

Dr. Macmillian sitting on a hospital bed

Dr. Jennifer Macmillan is a general surgeon at Huntsville Hospital, a University of Toronto graduate and now full-time resident, mom and advocate for Huntsville Hospital. From procedures in the operating room to the endoscopy unit, she’s kept quite busy and has learned a lot on the job thanks to the caring and sharing culture that is core to the medical team in Huntsville. “We’re a family here – the nurses, the physicians and I think our patients appreciate the feeling of continuity.” Jennifer believes the hospital plays a central role in the community and it impacts where they start a family, start a business or even retire. A healthy, well-funded hospital demonstrates the altruistic spirit of Huntsville and the people who live and visit here. “The technology that is funded by donations adds efficiency to our procedures – from laparoscopic surgical equipment to diagnostic technology, everything works together to improve diagnosis, the flow of surgery, manage complications and improve outcomes including faster recoveries.” According to Jennifer, having advanced tools boosts the confidence of everyone involved. “It also enables us to attract and retain the best staff – professional and support teams alike. It keeps us on the cutting edge and it makes the teaching and training we do here (in conjunction with the Northern Ontario School of Medicine) even more effective. This is where next generation physicians are learning their techniques and that keeps everyone engaged in what’s new and improved.” Obviously Jennifer gives (in her words) because she has a vested interest. But it’s more than that: “This hospital touches everyone – permanent residents, cottagers and those who are visiting. Sooner or later, the quality of technology we have access to the quality of people we can attract will impact you. That’s why I give and I encourage everyone to do the same.”