Drs. Dave McLinden & Nancy Bozek

Drs. Dave and Nancy sitting outside in the garden

Dave McLinden says he loves being “a rural doc”; he and partner Dr. Nancy Bozek see themselves as generalists, traditional family physicians who still make house-calls and act as their patients’ everyday link to hospital services and specialized treatment. After completing his training, he and Nancy looked for a place to live and practice that would allow them to provide care the way they believed it should be done. They chose Huntsville because of the community – both inside the hospital healthcare family and outside in the community at large. “We’re all connected here; the hospital is the centre of local healthcare – it actually creates and supports a culture of medical leadership here. We attract and keep outstanding people as a result, and everyone benefits from that.” Dave and Nancy donate because they believe it is their responsibility to support local healthcare, and the technology made accessible thanks to their gifts is central to that healthcare. “Giving our professionals the tools and technology they need to be great is why we give to Huntsville Hospital Foundation.”