In Huntsville, healthcare starts with respect.

Rich with his bike leaning outside against rocks.

Respect is a big part of Dr. Rich Trenholm’s life. He values and admires the local healthcare community for the respect they show one another and to their patients. He and wife Dr. Deb Harrold dug deep and raised awareness and funds in support of Huntsville Hospice – where respect for patients through palliative care is front and centre. He commands respect for his skill in triathlon – but equally important, for his commitment to organizing events and helping his patients achieve their athletic goals.

“We had exposure to many communities including doing the last part of our residency here,” says Dr. Trenholm, “Huntsville Hospital was unique. The staff were collaborative, they got along for the greater good, and we were all encouraged to embrace life outside – it was one of the best working environments in Ontario.”

Rich sees the medical community here as more of a healthcare team, and that patients are part of the team. They work together to find solutions and treatments, and truly care about the quality of life each resident here achieves. That goes beyond just treating medical conditions.

“The technology we rely on improves our ability to collaborate. It helps us access expertise remotely for example; if I have a neonatal issue, I can get help from other professionals in other communities. That capacity touches everyone because sooner or later everyone here needs this hospital to be the best. When the moment comes, you want access to the best advances in medicine regardless of where it is, and technology is usually the means to that end.”

Rich believes a ‘community hospital’ in a rural setting has an even more critical role than many healthcare institutions elsewhere. In major centres, you have choices – in rural areas, there is only one choice.

“This is the one place, the one team, that you’ll rely on in a time of need. This is the place where investments in technology change lives by speeding recovery, improving treatment and shortening hospital stays. And in the future, this is where technology will transform healthcare most because it will allow us to evolve care and keep it as close as possible.”

Rich, Deb and family enjoy their quality of life here. They support many aspects of local healthcare because that ensures this quality of life for everyone.

Shared respect is a wonderful thing.