Let’s Look Forward

Huntsville Hospital is entering a new era of system integration, collaboration and digital transformation. Dr. John Simpson, pictured here, is looking forward to the day when new imaging technology improves patient outcomes. Thanks to the Focus On Imaging capital campaign, that day is coming closer…

What We Can All Look Forward To…

  • Jerilee Trebinskie
    Huntsville Hospital

    Jerilee Trebinskie | Huntsville Hospital Physiotherapist

    Acute care Physiotherapy is an important part of hospital care for patients experiencing illness or physical impairment. Physiotherapy in-hospital helps get patients home faster, stronger and safer.

    “As our local population ages, specific rehab-oriented gym equipment and therapy devices will be in short supply. With rehab waitlists getting longer and longer, I’m looking forward to supporting patients with specialized rehab by getting a head start at targeted therapy; we can get there if we can fund equipment that rivals rehab facilities in larger city centres.”

  • Esther Jennings
    Registered Nurse, ICU,
    Huntsville Hospital

    Esther Jennings | Registered Nurse, ICU, Huntsville Hospital

    Thirteen-hour shifts in the Huntsville Hospital ICU unit aren’t unusual for Esther. She cares for critically ill patients who are facing a health crisis, whether due to COVID or for other reasons like heart attacks, strokes, post-operative care and even drug overdoses.

    “We could better serve patients in the future if our bedside monitors were integrated with our charting platform. We’d be in better shape if our ECG machines could be updated. There are many needs, some as simple as smart TVs so our patients could feel less isolated. I’m looking forward to when we can update all five aging ICU rooms with new ventilators, suction equipment and even lighting. That’s a brighter future for our team.”

  • Dr. Roy Kirkpatrick
    General Surgeon,
    Huntsville Hospital

    Dr. Roy Kirkpatrick | General Surgeon, Huntsville Hospital

    Dr. Kirkpatrick spent 35 years as a general surgeon and surgical unit leader at Huntsville Hospital and remains heavily involved in the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.

    “We’ve made great strides in the last several years: We have ophthalmology available here now, ear, nose and throat specialists, plastic surgery and orthopaedic surgery. We have ophthalmology available here now, ear, nose and throat specialists, plastic surgery and orthopaedic surgery are here now. We’re also a teaching hospital – positioning us well for the future. I’m looking forward to having local access to the new technology that will transform surgery and medicine here. I can’t wait to see what our new generation of hospital and healthcare professionals can do with the next generation of medical technology.”

  • Cheryl Harrison
    President and CEO,
    Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare (MAHC)

    Cheryl Harrison | President and CEO,
    Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare (MAHC)

    Starting as a dedicated nurse in the early days, Cheryl joins MAHC as its new President and CEO after an amazing and diverse 30-year leadership career in large and medium-size community hospitals.

    “What we’ve learned through the pandemic is how important it is to work with our partners locally and province-wide. The spirit of innovation and collaboration here has seen us through. When I look forward, I see an increasing focus on system integration and accessing the technologies that will emerge. Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare’s innovative spirit will now be our advantage as we thrive in that integrated system.”


Personal & Program Updates

What I see is a community that is ready…

Over the last short while, unyielding pandemic challenges have…


What I see is a community that is ready…

Over the last short while, unyielding pandemic challenges have slowly started to give way to renewed hope. And while those challenges still persist and manifest themselves in different ways, the commitment of our hospital staff, our team and our donors above all have seen us through. Now having hit our targets during the pandemic, we get to look forward.

Looking forward means two things for our hospital team and for this community.

Looking forward is a positive expression of welcoming the future. It is also an expression used in planning. We have to look ahead. We have to prepare. We have to learn. And in the words of our new CEO Cheryl Harrison, we have to sustain the spirt of innovation that is a core value of Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare and our medical teams and professionals here.

So what do our professionals see when looking forward? They see an evolving Ontario health care system and the emergence of an integrated system. They see more collaboration, new technologies and the opportunity to thrive and lead in that environment.

I see change in our community. More growth, new families moving in, seasonal residents becoming year-round residents and an aging population. All of these factors impact Huntsville Hospital and the work this donor community has to prepare for.

Together, we see changes to our hospital that will drive a total requirement of almost $25 million over the next four or five years.

That’s a big number. An equally big number is the $6 Million we’ve already put aside to meet our commitments. Thank you to the Sprott Foundation for their generosity in getting us well underway with a $2 million contribution.

$25 Million over the next three-to-five years will help your Foundation fund nuclear medical improvements, prepare for the potential of new MRI technology right here in Huntsville and update the integrated stroke unit. It will cover the initial capital costs of redeveloping Huntsville hospital for the future.

What our past successes tell us is that we have the community capacity needed to achieve these targets. Our business owners get that and renew their five-year Business Cares commitments when due. Our lake property owner community gets it and increasingly see Huntsville Hospital as their local hospital. Our local residents get it because they have stepped up for local healthcare like never before.

Thank you each and every one of you. For major donor gifts to entire hospital departments, to our annual donors who never forget us, and to our youngest donors for their lemon-aid stands. Every gift matters. Thanks to our Foundation Board for their leadership. And to our staff for remaining positive and looking forward with confidence.

With your continued support, I’m 100% confident we’ll achieve our goals – we’ll do that by looking forward together.

Thank you.

Katherine Craine
Executive Director
Huntsville Hospital Foundation

Your Generosity Made a Difference

Here are a few examples of the technology and equipment your donations made possible last year. We are forever grateful.

  • Fluoroscopy Suite
  • Bladder Scanner
  • Blanket Warmer
  • Ultrasound Machines
  • ECG Machine
  • Cataract Trays
  • Halo BassiNest
  • Beds and Stretchers
  • Laparoscopic Tower
Reflecting and looking forward

Over the last short while, unyielding pandemic challenges have…


Reflecting and looking forward

The past two years have strengthened us all.  Guided by our Vision, Mission and Values, and the hard work of everyone at the Foundation, we have achieved outstanding success in the most turbulent of times.

Reflecting on the devastating toll this pandemic continues to take on healthcare workers, we are so grateful for the dedication of our healthcare team and all who work at MAHC.  We are humbled by their continuing commitment to serving our community as they continue to deal with COVID and the knock-on effects on our healthcare system.  We support you.  We thank you.

The entire Board is grateful for the ongoing support of this community and our donors. We are looking forward to continuing support and welcoming new donors to meet the new $5.5M per year requirements. To that end, the Foundation Board will prepare and position for the next few years through a refresh of our strategic plan.

This process will help us with capital planning for the MAHC Huntsville site, meeting the challenges ahead as we prepare for the functional planning stage of the future hospital.  We are looking forward to  collaborating with all stakeholders, community partners and elected officials as we move toward final approval.

At this time, I also extend a warm welcome to MAHC President and CEO, Cheryl Harrison!  We excited by her enthusiasm for donor relations and look forward to a wonderful partnership. Finally, I am grateful for the strength of this Board, their time, skills and talents.  As members retire from the Board, we look forward to welcoming new members to continue in our strong tradition of service to the Foundation.

For now though, I’ll close by simply and deeply thanking everyone for their contributions this past year and for all the good I know we’ll do together in the years ahead.

Margaret Mah
Board Chair, Huntsville Hospital Foundation

Investing in the Future

The Foundation’s new target for which we are refreshing our Strategic Plan is $25,000,000 over the next five years. The funds will be used to complete The Sprott Diagnostic Imaging Centre, complete other required technology acquisitions and begin the redevelopment journey.


Focus on Imaging$5,500,000
Capital Redevelopment$10,000,000
CT / Nuclear Medicine$2,500,000
Integrated Stroke Unit$1,700,000

Our community has already raised $6 million of the requirement including a generous $2 million contribution from The Sprott Foundation. The journey is well under way.

Update on the Focus on Imaging Capital Campaign

The better the image, the more accurate the diagnosis…


Update on the Focus on Imaging Capital Campaign

The better the image, the more accurate the diagnosis. The more accurate the diagnosis, the more effective the treatment. The less invasive and more effective the treatment, the faster the recovery. Focus on Imaging is a Huntsville Hospital Foundation Capital Campaign that will improve our hospital’s capacity in diagnostic imaging by raising the funds required to fuel change.

We are making significant progress, even in the first year of the Focus on Imaging Capital Campaign. Thank you especially to The Sprott Foundation for your generosity in launching The Sprott Foundation Diagnostic Imaging Department.



  • Echocardiograph Equipment
  • Bone Mineral Densitometer (BMD)
    (System Replacement & Computer Upgrade)
  • Cardio PACS System General X-Ray Room X-Ray Room #1,
  • #3 Mammography Essential with Tomosynthesis
  • CT Replacement
  • Carol Brimacombe
    Full-time resident
    Huntsville Hospital Donor

    Carol Brimacombe | Full-time resident Huntsville Hospital Donor

    Carol Brimacombe left Calgary for the Lake of Bays area 10 years ago. It was a return to her roots, her family having spent years in the area and her sisters Tracy and Donna only minutes away. They all love the vibe in the area: kind, calm and content.

    “When I moved here, I found a community of amazing healthcare professionals. It gives you peace of mind. And I have deep faith in these folks as we move into the future. I’m looking forward to this hospital getting the tools it needs to both provide advanced care now and in the future. It’s a growing, evolving process. We have to attract staff. We have to grow services. We have to grow with this community. That’s all connected to investing in the right technology and equipment to keep this hospital current.”

  • Sven Miglin
    Local Entrepreneur, Politician,
    Huntsville Hospital Donor

    Sven Miglin | Local Entrepreneur, Politician, Huntsville Hospital Donor

    You’ll recognize Sven if you’ve ever visited the Portage Store in Algonquin Park, voted locally or followed the Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare Board of Directors. Sven is connected deeply to this community, and as such, has an informed opinion about the value of our hospital here.

    “You need great local healthcare – that’s how lives are saved. Hospitals are also economic engines. For both reasons, the consequences of not investing in it are extreme. It is a very important factor in our quality of life. But here’s the challenge: There is no shortage of things for the provincial government to spend money on. Every donation here, and every show of community support, reinforces that our hospital is worth provincial investments and attention. So I’m looking forward to the day when everyone in the Huntsville area sees our hospital as their hospital and invests in it.”

  • Susan Love &
    David James

    President and Past-President
    Huntsville Hospital Auxiliary

    Susan Love & David James | President and Past-President of the Huntsville Hospital Auxiliary

    A hospital auxiliary is a not-for-profit organization that steps in to fill service gaps and contribute to the comfort and safety of hospital patients. In addition to the help they provide to staff, patients and visitors, the Huntsville Hospital Auxiliary partners with the Huntsville Hospital Foundation; proceeds from the Auxiliary 50/50 draw go directly to the Foundation’s Focus on Imaging capital campaign.

    “We help fund ideas as diverse as the new mammography suite and the hospital chapel while also being there in person to smooth the road ahead for staff and patients. The Huntsville Hospital Auxiliary is extremely gratifying volunteer work. But that work came under a lot of duress during COVID. So we’re looking forward to re-energizing our volunteer network and attracting new volunteers who want to make a difference in this community. Huntsville is growing. Our hospital in evolving. And we’re going to need it to be great regardless of your age. Now is the right time to get involved.”


  • Dr. Stacey Erven
    Huntsville Hospital
    Emergency Department

    Dr. Stacey Erven
    | Huntsville Hospital Emergency Department

    Stacey Erven understands the value of diagnostic technology because she uses it with patients every day and sees the value of improvement in diagnosis, treatment and patient recovery.

    “MRI is the gold standard imaging test for a variety of common medical conditions. Not having one here in Huntsville and Muskoka impacts the speed at which we can diagnose patients and it’s actually harder on the patient because they have to travel to access this extremely invaluable service. I’m looking forward to having our own local MRI. Especially as our population ages and more people need more tests. It simply improves every aspect of the patient experience here at home.”

  • Mark Tulloch
    CEO, Tulloch Engineering
    Business Cares Donor

    Mark Tulloch | CEO, Tulloch Engineering

    Mark and his wife Christine decided to raise their family just over halfway between Sault Ste. Marie and Toronto, their hometowns. In 2006, he took over from his dad as CEO of local firm Tulloch Engineering, and is a double-term contributor to the Business Cares hospital foundation program.

    “Having access to a great hospital and the response time of a hospital close-by is fantastic. For my business, it helps me attract people to Huntsville. For our community, we’re simply very well served. What I’m looking forward to, is how we can use data to improve the patient experience. And with the right new technologies, to have access to more specialization regardless of where it is physically located. That would be ideal, and I think that is what the future looks like.”





2022 Financial Statements

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Vision, Mission, Values

Dr. Lindsay MacMillan

Family Physician with focus in Obstetrics

Dr. Lindsay MacMillan is a member of our medical family here in Huntsville. She specializes in obstetrics. “The new panda warmers and labour rooms have been transformative” she says. “We’re giving women in our community the option to have pre-natal care here and their kids here. I’m looking forward to improved telemedicine with specialists and other innovative ways to preserve services in this community.”

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