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The hospital we share is central to our life stories here.
Your donation ensures that legacy will be as profound for generations to come as it is for you.

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Jason and Audrey Dezwirck met when they were teens and camp counsellors in the Lake of Bays area. Today you’ll find their family name over the entrance to Huntsville Hospital’s Emergency Department.

The Huntsville Legacy Project

Tell us about your love affair with Huntsville or the lakes and rolling hills around it. The Huntsville Legacy Project is a celebration of why we’re here and our commitment to the future.

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Community leaders and seasonal residents Eric and Vizma Sprott have long been known for their generous support of healthcare in Ottawa and Toronto. A $1 Million gift from their Foundation to the Huntsville Hospital Foundation will have an equally substantial impact on healthcare here.

Huntsville Hospital Heroes Present & Past

Every Huntsville Hospital Foundation donor is a community hero. Their gifts, regardless of size, ensure a bright, safe and thriving future for all of us who live and vacation here now and for generations to come.

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Huntsville Hospital’s professionals like Emergency Medical Director Dr. John Simpson understand the importance of the advanced technology and equipment your donations buy. Get the inside view from Dr. Simpson and his colleagues in the amazing Huntsville healthcare community.

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It takes the support of the greater community to acquire the technology and equipment our hospital team needs. Make health care here your priority by learning more today.

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The People Behind Every Great Hospital.

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When you donate to Huntsville Hospital Foundation, you’re in the company of community heroes.

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Every year, Huntsville Hospital Foundation volunteers give thousands of hours to run events and raise funds.