Meet The Healthcare Providers Who Save Lives

Giving Here Helps Our Outstanding Healthcare Team Provide Exceptional Care

If you’ve had an experience with Huntsville Hospital then you know first hand just how compassionate and caring our team is. It makes all the difference in our most sensitive moments. When you make a donation to Huntsville Hospital Foundation, you give our teams the tools they need to do even more. Think of it as your act of compassion, returned. One that benefits the well-being of not just our teams but of your family, your neighbours, your visitors and communities across Muskoka.

Our Hospital. Our Team.

Dr. John Simpson

Dr. John Simpson is Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare’s Director & Chief of Emergency Medicine and a resident of Huntsville. “You get the small-town, personal medicine feel here – but you have a lot more back up. That’s what’s great about healthcare in this community. We get to expand our skill set, we have good access to specialists in all fields of care – and we get to follow patients through the system to ensure they’re okay. That’s unique and that’s Huntsville.”

John leads the team that cares most often for visitors to our community. They can rest assured they’ll be in good hands. “Our diagnostics are excellent, our ability to share information and images with trauma teams in Toronto for example is excellent – you get care here that is identical to what you’d get elsewhere.”

“Without our department here, you’d be going to Barrie – that’s an hour and a half away and emergency is where time matters. It’s worth every dime of investment. Contributions from visitors presents us with more opportunities to get better – scoping technology is always improving, remote treatment cameras are required – there’s so much we can do with additional support. The more we can connect with the people who depend on this emergency department the most, the better all healthcare in our community can be.”

Drs. Nancy Bozek & Dave Mclinden

Dave McLinden says he loves being “a rural doc”; he and partner Dr. Nancy Bozek see themselves as generalists, traditional family physicians who still make house-calls and act as their patients’ everyday link to hospital services and specialized treatment. After completing his training, he and Nancy looked for a place to live and practice that would allow them to provide care the way they believed it should be done. They chose Huntsville because of the community – both inside the hospital healthcare family and outside in the community at large. “We’re all connected here; the hospital is the centre of local healthcare – it actually creates and supports a culture of medical leadership here. We attract and keep outstanding people as a result, and everyone benefits from that.” Dave and Nancy donate because they believe it is their responsibility to support local healthcare, and the technology made accessible thanks to their gifts is central to that healthcare. “Giving our professionals the tools and technology they need to be great is why we give to Huntsville Hospital Foundation.”

Drs. Adam Mcclure & Kirsten Jewell

When doctors Kirsten Jewell and Adam McClure chose the emergency department of Huntsville Hospital (Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare) as their preferred place to practice medicine, many factors weighed on the decision. The outdoor lifestyle and raising their new family in a smaller, close-knit community was very important. But the team of health care professionals and the collegial nature of the entire health care team community here was what won the day.

“We came for four months to try it and loved it,” remembers Kirsten. “The medical community here is fantastic. “We have the CT Scanner which is important to us in emergency medicine, we have access to excellent specialists and we feel very well supported with the quality of care that our hospital can provide.”

“A lot of it has to do with the unique nature of the team,” says Adam. “We have this massive surge of activity in the summer months and it takes a team approach to adjust for that. Everyone here is willing to help each other out – and that makes it a very positive place to work and to live.” “We see everything here in the summer,” continues Kirsten. “ATV accidents, boating accidents, heart attacks, home repair accidents, lots of broken bones to set and lacerations to stitch. People come to Huntsville to play – but that inevitably leads to unexpected injuries and it’s a challenge.” “We’re really lucky in a small community to have such a high-functioning hospital, providing care to everyone and especially in the summer months when we see visits increase by over 50%,” concludes Adam. And Kirsten adds: “Your gifts help this hospital purchase the state-of-the-art equipment that helps us do our jobs.” It’s that simple.

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