Technology Needs

Supporting Our Hospital Ensures Our Medical Professionals Have The Right Tools

Giving Here Ensures We Have The Right Tools

It is a common misconception that all hospital needs are covered by your tax dollars. The truth is, 90% of technology and equipment purchases are funded by the community – that would be all of us in Huntsville for example. So your donations here ensure our medical professionals and staff have the technology they need to provide advanced care to you and your family.

With your support we’ve made meaningful advancements. Through our Focus on Imaging Capital Campaign, updates and retrofits for our Sprott Foundation Diagnostic Imaging Department have been made and x-ray, and ultrasound technology are now in place thanks to your support. We’re incredibly close to acquiring Muskoka’s very first MRI technology.

But as you know, technology requirements advance every year; that’s why your continued support is so important.

Our goal is to raise $6 million for the next ten years, based on what we know today. We’re excited for upgrades, renovations, and new equipment.

Here’s where your donations will be put to work next:

  • 3-Lead Cardiac Monitor
  • Biological Safety Cabinet
  • Central Monitoring Replacement
  • Chemistry Freezer
  • C-MAC D Blades
  • Holter Monitor
  • Mammography Machine with Tomosynthesis
  • Transfusion Medicine Analyzer
  • Clinical Education on the Vascular Doppler and Moleculight DX
  • Nocospray Surface Disinfection
  • OR Table for surgical care
  • OTN System 6 Tele Trauma
  • Scopes
  • Urinalysis POCT
  • Parklane Additional Modules & Parklane
  • Occupational Health & Safety Software
  • Staff Scheduling HRIS Software System

We invite you to join us. Help us fund a new generation of healthcare technology and equipment – because, this is our hospital.

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