The People, The Tools & The Place

Every donation you make to Huntsville Hospital Foundation gives our healthcare team the tools they need to provide outstanding care. Think of it as investment in the well-being of your family, your neighbours, your visitors and your community.

Giving here helps your hospital attract the best people.

Dr. John Simpson

Drs. Dave McLinden & Nancy Bozek

Drs. Kirsten Jewell & Adam McClure

Technology Needs

Giving here ensures we have the right tools

It is a common misconception that all hospital needs are covered by your tax dollars. The truth is, technology and equipment purchases are funded by the community – that would be all of us in Huntsville for example. So your donations here ensure our medical professionals and staff here have the technology they need to provide advanced care to you and your family.

Technology requirements advance every year; that’s why we need your gifts every year.

X-Ray Rooms (need two)Provides critical diagnostic imaging for both in-patients and out-patients in the community.$450,000 ea.
Anesthesia MachineHaving the best anesthesia technology improves patient safety and helps professionals manage pain and after-procedure impacts.$60,000
Cardio Respiratory Holter SystemThis allows our professionals to test the impact of treatment or the need for further treatment.$100,000
Operating Room Portable Ultrasound MachineAllows operating teams to make immediate patient assessments and decisions when time matters most.$80,000
Fetal Heart MonitorAn electronic fetal heart rate (FHR) monitor is used to record the baby’s heart rate.$38,500
Vital Signs Monitors (need 17)Vital signs include the measurement of: temperature, respiratory rate, pulse, blood pressure and, where appropriate, blood oxygen saturation. These numbers provide critical information about a patient’s health and are used on every patient in the hospital.$4,500 ea.

One engine, two hospitals creating
forward motion together

Giving here supports our long-term, two hospital vision.

Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare (MAHC) has been long recognized on the broader health care stage for the highest quality of care and commitment to safety. Having recently been awarded Accreditation with Exemplary Standing from Accreditation Canada, this is a prideful achievement to celebrate and reinforces the MAHC organization as one high-functioning engine powering two hospital sites to meet best-in-class standards for acute care.

By definition, exemplary means ‘worthy of imitation’ and ‘serving as a model or pattern’, and this high regard is one of the many reasons our Muskoka hospitals are the number one placement choice for medical learners from the Northern Ontario Medical School. Time and time again, we have been an example for others to look to – whether through our innovation to create secure rooms to meet our patients’ needs, by developing unique partnerships with learning institutions to support education and recruitment, or by being proud supporters of medical research projects by a number of local physicians.

As MAHC continues to move toward a future service delivery model that maintains acute care hospitals in Huntsville and South Muskoka, we hope you recognize this is the engine that could – the engine that embodies teamwork, endless success stories and exceptional patient care.

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