HH Auxiliary 50/50 lottery

Please support the Huntsville Hospital Auxiliary’s Online Community 50/50 lottery.  This fundraising initiative will significantly help efforts to purchase medical equipment critical to the well-being of Huntsville Hospital patients.


The proceeds will support the Huntsville Hospital Foundation’s Focus on Digital Imaging Capital Campaign.

When We Focus On Imaging, The Future Looks Better.

The proceeds of the lottery will support the Huntsville Hospital Foundation’s Focus on Digital Imaging Capital Campaign. Huntsville Hospital’s diagnostics imaging evolution will include a wide variety of new technology and upgrades, examples of which are captured in the chart above. The Focus on Imaging Capital Campaign will also have to raise funds for potential renovation costs to house the new equipment. The goal with the campaign is to upgrade our entire capability by giving the department and admin teams the financial capacity to makes good choices in the order best suited to the hospital’s needs.

The better the image, the more accurate the diagnosis. The more accurate the diagnosis, the more effective the treatment. The less invasive and more effective the treatment, the faster the recovery. Focus on Imaging is a Huntsville Hospital Capital Campaign that will raise $10 million inside three years to ensure our hospital can choose the imaging and diagnostics technology advances best suited to meeting increasing demand.

Purchase Your Tickets by Clicking the Link.

Click on the link below to purchase your ticket selection. The link is a security enhanced path to the purchase site where you may enter your selection choice:

Click here to purchase tickets for Huntsville Hospital Auxiliary 50/50

Secure payment is by Visa or Master Card only. 

The Huntsville District Memorial Hospital Auxiliary is proud to support health care at Huntsville Hospital through education, fundraising opportunities, and the promotion of volunteer services for patients and hospital staff.

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